Open Stage

Performers grow through performance, so in an effort to increase the opportunities to get up on stage and practice our craft, we are working to build an open stage community in Iceland. The Dance Atelier in Hjarðarhagi has agreed to cooperating with us in this project by hosting the event, with the first version on May 2nd 2019.

About the event:

Are you a circus artist, dancer, actor, or other performing artist with an act, idea, or scene you want to try out in front of an audience? Something that needs polishing or just to be said out loud? An open stage could be just what you need.

Hringleikur circus association and Dansverkstæðið collaborate to give performing artists a chance to test their ideas and receive feedback from the audience.

The event will take place in the large hall of Dansverkstæðið on a 12x12 meter dance floor with a 4 meter ceiling. Basic light and sound systems are available. There is no “back stage” area, and it is unfortunately not be possible to rig for aerials.

Access is free, ad everyone is welcome to come and watch.