About Us

Hringleikur is a new Icelandic circus company that aims to promote Icelandic circus culture. Our members are circus artists and those who work in the field of circus in Iceland.

The members of Hringleikur come from a variety of backgrounds, but all share a passion for the circus arts and building a diverse circus culture in Iceland. The artists in Hringleikur come from backgrounds from gymnastics, drama and dance, as well as education in circus schools abroad, such as at the Codarts Art Academy in Rotterdam and AFUK in Copenhagen. In addition, the group has worked together for many years under the name of Sirkus Island.

Board of Directors of Hringleikur

  • Chairman: Eyrún Ævarsdóttir
  • Vice Chairman: Thomas Burke
  • Cashier: Bryndís Torfadóttir
  • Secretary: Kári Svan Rafnsson
  • Education: Daníel Sigríðarson
  • Projects: Jóakim Meyvant Kvaran
  • Co-operative: Harpa Lind Ingadóttir
  • Alternates: Axel Diego, Urður Ýrr Brynjólfsdóttir


Hringleikur Circus Association was founded with the aim of creating conditions for circus artists to create a varied and high quality art and make the circus a larger and visible part of the cultural landscape in Iceland. The main objective of the company is to support the growth of circus arts in Iceland, by doing a variety of circus shows and events, as well as circus education and outreach for youth. Hringleikur would like to be in collaboration with other circus, dance, and arts associations, both domestic and abroad.